Sonic Arts


Peter Batchelor

Peter BachelorMusic, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTI). De Montfort University.

Dr. Peter Batchelor is a Senior Lecturer in Music, Technology and Innovation.  He studied with Jonty Harrison and Andrew Lewis and, having completed a PhD in composition at the University of Birmingham, joined the team at De Montfort in 2003.

His music draws strongly on the aesthetics and compositional concerns of the acousmatic tradition, but uses this heritage as a springboard to investigate a variety of other genres and presentation formats for electroacoustic media including radiophonic documentary, live-electronics and improvisation, multimedia and large-scale multi-channel installation work.  More recently his interest has shifted towards site-specific public (sound) art, including the fabrication of aural landscapes and sonic illusion (trompe l’oreille).

His work has received recognition from such sources as the Concours de musique electroacoustique de Bourges and the International ElectroAcoustic Music Contest of São Paulo and has been presented internationally.