Sonic Arts

The Academy


Direction: Theodoros Lotis (Professor – Dep. of Music Studies. Ionian University)

Research Director: Andreas Mniestris (Professor – Dep. of Music Studies. Ionian University)


The schedule of this year’s Sonic Arts Academy is anounced. Click on the link below to download it.



The Sonic Arts Summer Academy (SASA) is an international meeting hub for composers, researchers and students interested in electroacoustic music and music technology, sonic arts and soundscapes, immersive sound environments, interactive music and improvisation.

The Academy consists of series of workshops, seminars, lectures and a Music Festival of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Arts. It takes place during the months of May, June or July. The Academy is part of the Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Sonic Arts and Technologies, Electroacoustic Music Composition and Music Production of the Music Department of the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece.

Since 2005, the Academy offers the opportunity to students as well as to composers, researchers and educators to explore advanced techniques related to Electroacoustic Music and music technology.

The Academy highlights its international character by collaborating occasionally with international festivals, among which the Espace du Son Festival (Brussels), the NYCEMF (NY), the CMMAS Festival (Mexico City, Morelia) and the Echoes Around Me Festival (Vienna).

Ιn the last 20 years, a great number of artists have taught in the workshops of the Academy, among which Denis Smalley, Simon Emmerson, Annette Vande Gorne, Trevor Wishart, Jonty Harrison, Curtis Roads, Andrew Bentley, Cort Lippe, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Karlheinz Essl, Nicholas Collins, Joel Chadabe, Esther Lamneck, Ronald Herrema, Francois Delalande, Luc Ferrari, Hildegard Westerkamp, Barry Truax, Murray Schafer, Julio d’Escrivan, Stefan Schramm, David Rosenboom, Wilfried Jentzsch, Jens Blauert, Alessandro Cipriani, Gregorio Jimenez, Francesco Giomi, John Richards, Leigh Landy, Rodrigo Sigal, Scott Wilson, Richard Elen, Ricardo Climent, Steven Miller, Andrei Smirnov, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Volkmar Klien, Enrique Tomas, Peter Batchelor, Brona Martin, Thomas Gorbach.


The SONIC ARTS SUMMER ACADEMY – SASA 2024 consists of the following intensive daily workshops:



1. Open space/field recording session

Description: We will record and collect sonic material from selected open space locations. The sonic material will be used for the assignments of the 3-D audio and the Hybrid soundscape compositions workshops.

Student requirements: A mobile digital recorder (optional)

Main instructor(s): Volkmar Klien, Enrique Mendoza, Martin Kaltenrbunner, Enrique Tomas, Theodoros Lotis, Philippos Theocharidis


2. Hybrid soundscape compositions for multichannel sound system.

Description: Participants will be introduced to the concept of immersive audio using a multichannel sound system. They will compose short pieces for that purpose.

Student requirements: laptop + headphones

Main instructor(s): Martin Kaltenrbunner, Enrique Tomas, Volkmar Klien, Enrique Mendoza.


3. Sonic and electroacoustic music creation in 3D audio

Description: Students will create innovative auditory experiences through exercises in binaural spatialisation using new immersive technologies and their practical applications in spatial music, sound design, sound art, audio-visual installations and other sonic arts where space takes a relevant place and offers new meanings to take advantage of three-dimensional elements and technologies.

Session 1. Listening sounds in space
Session 2. Beyond stereo and surround systems
Session 3. Recording session (3D sound fields and mono sound objects)
Session 4. Montage and sound spatialization.
Session 5. Exhibition of the student works.

Student requirements: laptop with Reaper installed + the IEM plugin suite + headphones.

Main instructor(s): Enrique Mendoza


4. Collective overtone singing practices

Description: “Overtone singing” refers to a set of vocal techniques that make the harmonics of a fundamental sound clearly perceptible. Students will experiment using their own voices and discover the possibilities of overtones in their practice.

Student requirements: their voice, their mouths, their teeth, their tongue, and most of all, their ears.

Main instructor(s): Agnese Banti


5. Performance of electroacoustic improvisation

Description: LFO #14 (2024) Workshop and performance of electroacoustic improvisation. The project starts from some musical ideas conceived by the great improviser/conductor Butch Morris including, in an original way, a series of experiences derived from electroacoustic music. All these aspects are integrated in personal and new creative parths exclusively during the performance. The workshop concerns with a music that can be defined as a “collective expression”, where the creative perception of participants meets the spontaneity of improvisation, in search of new linguistic forms. The activities of the workshop start from an introductory approach that, through its intensive organization,  lead to relevant music results. For the workshop a strong attitude to collective creative work and a basic performance ability are required; but the most important thing is to be strongly interested in the new possibilities of musical creation through improvisation.

Student requirements: INSTRUMENTS – Amplified acoustic instruments (any type), Amplified voice, Analog electronic instruments and tools (synthesizers, radio, small devices, contact microphones, etc.), Digital electronic instruments (computers with controllers, mp3 players, etc.).

Main instructor(s): Francesco Giomi, Francesco Canavese




The schedule of this year’s Sonic Arts Academy is anounced. Click on the link below to download it.