Sonic Arts



Direction: Theodoros Lotis (Asst. Professor – Dep. of Music Studies. Ionian University)

Research Director: Andreas Mniestris (Assoc. Professor – Dep. of Music Studies. Ionian University)

Co-ordination: Elina Kalampokini, Dimitrios Savva


The 11th SONIC ARTS SUMMER ACADEMY consists of the following intensive daily workshops:

1. Electroacoustic Music Composition.

– Creative Recording (Sound Field Recording, Ambisonics). (Dimitris Savva)

– Editing and Mixing Techniques in electroacoustic music.

– Electroacoustic Multi Channel Composition (up to 8 channels).

– Implementations of Ambisonic spatialization Methodologies in Electroacoustic Composition.

The participants will compose a short piece to be presented at the final concert.

Principal instructor of Composition: Cort Lippe (University of Buffalo).

Team: Andreas Mniestris, Theodoros Lotis, Apostolos Loufopoulos, Dimitris Savva (Ionian University).

2. Programming in Max.

– Short introduction.

– Advanced techniques for composition and improvisation.

Participants should create patches to be used in composition and live electronics.

Principal instructor of Programming: Peter Batchelor (MTI-De Montfort University).

 3. Main Project.

The project will be presented at the People’s Garden (Corfu Gallery) in the old town of Corfu-15 July, 21:00-23:00.

Instructors: Theodoros Lotis (coordination), Maximos Kaliakatsos, Fanis Maragkos, Konstantinos Tsioutas, Dimitris Savva, Philppos Theoharides.

4. Sound Diffusion Seminar

Participants will work with the multi channel diffusion system (acousmonium) of the Electroacoustic Music Lab for the diffusion of their pieces.

5. Workshop on Interaction with Kinect and Leap Motion – Maximos Kaliakatsos

Sound and Motion: Utilising Data from Body Tracking Devices in Real-Time

This workshop will present simple ways to utilise data for sonification obtained in real-time from the Leap Motion and Kinect body tracking devices. Starting form simple examples, the participants will have the opportunity for hands-on experimentation on the sonification capabilities that these devices offer. This workshop includes:

– Introduction to the Leap Motion and Kinect devices.

– Tools for retrieving and utilising data in real time.

– Data format and manipulation.

– Utilising data for sonification through Processing (Minim), Pure Data
and Max/MSP.