Sonic Arts


Apostolos Loufopoulos

Apostolos Loufopoulos – Department of Audiovisual Arts – School of Music and Audiovisual Arts – Ionian University

Apostolos Loufopoulos studied music at the Ionian University, Greece (Music Degree) and at City University, London (PhD in Music). His main musical interests include the composition of electroacoustic music and research on the manipulation of sound via electronic means, but also the inter-contextual approach to music and the convergence between musical genres.

His music has been performed internationally in renown festivals of contemporary music (such as ICMC, Synthese, L’Espace Du Son and others) and has received a number of awards at international competitions such as Αrs Electronica (Austria), Bourges (France), Noroit (France), Metamorphoses (Belgium), Space of Sound (Belgium), Franco Evangelisti (Italy), Musica Nova (Czech Republic).

He is appointed as Assistant Professor at the Ionian University, Department Of AudioVisual Arts, Corfu, Greece. He has also taught at the TEI of Ionian Islands, Department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments

He directs Studio RED, Athens, for sampling, orchestration, and surround sound production.

In academic research, he has worked on important projects regarding the creative study on environmental sound (post-doctoral research at Ionian University, 2006-2008, optic-acoustic ecology project at the TEI of Ionian Islands 2012-14) and attended a number of international conventions on a variety of thematic subjects. He has an an academic portfolio of writings, including essays and papers  published in scientific journals and conference proceedings.

He is a founding member of HELMCA (Greek Union of Composers of Electroacoustic Music, and the Greek Society for Acoustic Ecology.