Sonic Arts


Ionian University

  • Date: 11 July 2018
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Corfu, Greece
  • Venue: Ionian Academy
Music from the Music Department, Ionian University
Curation: D. Savva, Theodore Lotis


Vasso Papageorgiou – Fracture (7:00’)


Filipos Theocharidis – Debris (3:14’)


Apostolos Loufopoulos – Enalia, 12:30’

Physical theatre performance and video art based on electroacoustic music

Vasiliki Makou: physical theatre

Elena Georgiadou: video

Magda Candilieri: animation

Katerina Pagiataki: choreography curation


Dimitris Savva – Moments of Liberty II:Falling Within (14:13’)


Giorgos Stenos Frantzios – Microscopic music 2: Electric Membranes (10’)


Yorgos Stavridis – Accidentals (10’)


Vasso Papageorgiou – Fracture

A slow fracture process of a sonic condition and a new sonic world creation from the fragment sounds.

Vasso Papageorgiou is a student of Music Department at Ionian University, in the field of Electroacoustic Music Composition. Have composed music for theater. Other interests include Contemporary Music Composition, Video Processing, Programming & Computer Technology.

Filipos Theocharidis – Debris

Philippos Theocharidis studied Electronic music and Electronics (BSc) at Keele University (1993-97), and Music Technology (MA) at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (1997-98), UK, currently finishing his PhD at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece. He has taught Electronic Music, Sound Recording, and Computer Interaction for Musical Applications at the Universities of Macedonia (2000-07) and the Ionian (2007-12) and the Technological Institute of the Ionian Islands (2013-today). As a recording and live sound engineer (2000-today) he has been lead technician for numerous electroacoustic music concerts utilizing multi-speaker arrangements for sound diffusion. His compositional and improvisation work, mostly interactive electronic music, has been performed in various festivals including the Electroacoustic Music Days (2003-17), SMC (2007), Echopolis (2013), Salford Sonic Fusion Festival (2013) UK, Electric Nights (2016), Across the Great Divide, Human – Machine Improvisation, Onassis Cultural Center (2012), (2012), 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival in ACC (2017).

Apostolos Loufopoulos – Enalia

Enalia (=into the sea) is about the relationship between sea and human, with reference to the ancient myth of Poseidon and Amphitrete, the human-like goddess of Sea. The work symbolically represents the human course towards a higher intrinsic level, through the unification with nature. As in the myth, the sea adopts a human form (video), a female existence who attracts the human observer (live performance) to unite with her. The Sea becomes magic, she dances, interacts with human, and becomes energy which transforms human internally, but also re-establishes the perception of land and water environment around. The stages of this transformation are presented in the context through audio-visual and kinetic relationships, where human, through the interaction with the female form, follows a course towards the depth of the sea and returns, being transformed. The work is a journey of exploration, artistically and notionally, attempting to awaken different interpretations on the symbolic content. Prevalent ideas are: nature, existence, unification, metamorphosis, harmony, myth, magic, love, internalisation, rebirth, and the transcendental course of human through an internal experience of these.

Apostolos Loufopoulos studied music at the Ionian University, Greece (Music Degree) and at City University, London (PhD in Music). His work is mainly focused on the composition of electroacoustic music and nature, but also in the inter -contextual approach to music and the convergence of musical genres. His music has been performed internationally in renown festivals of contemporary music (such as ICMC, Synthese, L’Espace Du Son and others) and has received a number of awards at international competitions such as Αrs Electronica (Austria), Bourges (France), Noroit (France), Metamorphoses (Belgium), Space of Sound (Belgium), Franco Evangelisti (Italy), Musica Nova (Czech Republic). Discography includes collections by INA-GRM, Musiques & Recherches, Ionian University, CyberArts, Touch Records and a personal release (CD-baby). His scores have been published by S. Zerboni (Milano) and Just Flutes (London). At a research level, he has participated in international programmes related to the study of the natural environment (Pythagoras, optic-acoustic ecology), at a post doctoral level, materializing essays and papers on the artistic exploration and utilizarion of the natural world. He has been organizing member for national and international conferences and festivals on contemporary music and technology (ICMC, Days of Electroacoustic Music, conference on acoustic ecology, audiovisual arts festival and others). Since 2014 he is Assistant Professor at the Ionian University, Department of Audio & Visual Arts. He has also taught at the TEI of Ionian Islands (2006-2014) and the TEI of Epirus. He is a founding member of HELMCA (Greek Union of Composers of Electroacoustic Music) and the Greek Society for Acoustic Ecology. In parallel, he is music producer and director at Studio RED (Athens), specializing in the areas of recording, sampling orchestration and mixing, on various musical styles.

Vasiliki Makou lives in Corfu, and she is associated with theatre and performing arts. Since 2011 she has attended lessons on acting and seminars at the workshops of the Municipal Theatre of Corfu. She has been taught physical theatre (method of Th. Terzopoulos) with Nikiforos Vlassis, physical theatre and chorals with Giorgos Nikopoulos, somatic improvisation and contemporary dance with Gina Giotaki. She has participated in a number of performances (classical and modern theatre) and artistic events. At present she is an active member (research-directing) of the group DOCs Theatre, which collaborates with the contemporary art scene of the Municipal Theatre of Corfu, studying the techniques of verbatim theatre. Lately her interest focuses on physical theatre and its convergence with contemporary arts and new mediums of creativity (electroacoustic music, video art). In this context she has performed in renown festivals (AudioVisual Arts Festival 2017 – Athens City Hall, Artecitya 2017 – HELEXPO International Fair of Thessaloniki, Athens Science Festival 2018 – Technopolis)

Elena Georgiadou is from Thessaloniki and she is a graduate of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts at Ionian University. In 2013, as an erasmus student in Germany, she made her first attempt to undertake the production of a short film, and later back in Corfu, she joined Creative Cut as a set photographer. Dancing has always been her passion and, consequently, the reason that lead her to performance and video art. Her latest work is “γένους θηλυκού”, a recorded performance based on Medea by Euripides, whose premier took place in the 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival in Corfu, 2016. Currently she is working at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

Magda Candiliari, born in Thessaloniki, studied Αudio-Visual arts at Ionian University. She has worked as a radio producer, an illustrator and an animator since 2009 in Corfu Island. Participated in three academic exhibitions and two personal, titled “Places we ‘ve been, people we ‘ve met” and “A Walk Around the island” studying the diversities of urban sketching and comic. A recent graduate of her department debuted her career as a professional animator entering festivals all over the world with her musical animation, titled “The Honeymoon”. She also participated in Bienalle of Santorini as an illustrator, and worked in theatre and dance perfomances in the field of stage setting, graphic design and animation.

Katerina Pagiataki She was borned and raised in Corfu,Greece.In 2003 she came in Athens and studied in the professional dance school of Despina Grigoriadou,from where she had her degree in 2006. In 2006-2007 she studied on the second year of the Greek national school of dance,from where on she is a certified dance teacher of Vaganova System.She has worked professionally in Greece and abroad and cooperated with known and established choreographers.Since 2008 she has been performing as a priestess for the Olympic torch bearing ceremonies.Since 2013,she holds the position of the Flame Bearer Pristess (Estias).


Dimitris Savva – Moments of Liberty II:Falling Within

“From the surface to the depths…”

I am grateful to the dancers Madeline Shann, Tara Baker, Dawn Webster and Machi Dimitriadou Lindahi for their beautiful performances, recorded and used in this composition.

Dimitris Savva was born in Cyprus, 1987. He received his Bachelor degree (distinction) in music composition from the Ionian University of Corfu and his Master degree (distinction) in Electroacoustic composition from the University of Manchester. In January 2015 he started his fully funded PhD in Sheffield University under the supervision of Adrian Moore and Adam Stanovic. During his studies he had contemporary composition courses with Joseph Papadatos and Dimitra Trypani and electroacoustic composition courses with Andreas Mniestris, Theodore Lotis and David Berezan. His compositions have been performed in Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and USA. His acousmatic composition Erevos won the first prize ex aequo in the student category of acousmatic composition competition Metamorphoses 2012 and his composition Balloon Theories has been awarded with the Franz List residency-scholarship and the public prize at the composition competition Metamorphoses 2014.

Giorgos Stenos Frantzios-Microscopic music 2: Electric Membranes

8-channel live performance for megaphones, microphones & objects

Microscopic music is a series of works that place “hidden”, “inaudible” sounds at the core of their exploration. Electric Membranes is the second piece of the series after Electromagnetic Fields, and focuses on the creative potential of microphones and megaphones, approaching them as musical instruments.

Giorgos Stenos Frantzios is a sonic scavenger, a full-time explorer of hardware stores, kitchens and trash in quest for new potential noise-makers. Occasionally, he transformed into a composer, performer, diy sound device maker, and a member of Kedimoura collective, a group of musicians focusing on playful and collaborative methods of composition and performance. Having obtained an MSci in audiovisual arts at the Ionian University, Greece, he is currently a postgraduate student of Music Composition at the University of Manchester.

Yorgos Stavridis – Accidentals (2017)

Accidentals is a solo performance for percussion, objects and live- electronics, exploring the musical, physical and psychological aspects of accidentals. Using non traditional ways of playing, extended techniques and improvisation as sources of musical expression the piece is exploring the timbral characteristics of percussion instruments and how they can be transformed/augmented with the use of digital signal processing and sound diffusion strategies, while trying to make the technology involved transparent and emphasise to the human performative element.

Yorgos Stavridis is active as composer and performer in multiple art forms, including electroacoustic music, improvisation, sound and installation art.

He employs percussion instruments to research new sounds and explore techniques and expressions connected with technology and other art forms. Approaching musical texture and timbre as the main element for interpreting and making music, Yorgos emphasises improvisation as a source of musical expression, responding through immediate action and playfulness to the temporality and site specificity of sound and music.

He studied Instrumental and Electroacoustic composition at the Ionian University and classical percussion at Athens Conservatoire.

He is a member of Ke.Di.Mou.Ra, a collective consisting of musicians engaging in composition, sound art and improvisation.

Yorgos is based in Athens but works across borders.